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About Talis List
Talis List Icons

Talis List is a web-based system providing access to reading lists and resources associated with courses and direct links to OPAC references and external Web pages.

Icons are displayed on various screens in Talis List. Hover your cursor over an icon to display a brief description of it.

Print the Course List
Close Course List
more detail
Displays more entries
Reading lists
Print the Reading List
more detail
Show complete List with Courses, Sub-Courses and Reading Lists
Show details of Resource List Headings and/or Entries
Hide details of Resource List Headings and/or Entries
more detail
Displays the Entry screen

Searching Talis List


Enter search terms into the search box in the main header bar at the top of the screen and click 'Go'.

Multiple terms

If multiple terms are entered, they will be combined using Boolean AND searching to retrieve matches which contain all the words entered (not necessarily in their input order).

Truncated searches

Talis List will accept truncated searches eg enter ‘bio’ to find courses on biology.

Search stemming

Talis List also uses search stemming. This identifies common word ending like ‘ed’ ‘s’ and ‘ing’ and eliminates them when it searches for matches.  Refer to:

for full details of the standard logic used to stem words.

Narrowing searches

To narrow your search select one of the following search types from the drop down menu:

  • Keyword (default search type)
  • Course
  • Module
  • List Name
  • Tutor
  • Course code

Whichever search type you choose, the search results will display the number of matches together with a icon which you should click on to give the title bar list for that category. 

Reading list entries

The number of entries in each reading list will be shown in brackets in each list title bar. Click on the more detail icon or on the list name to go into the reading list contents. The reading list selected will be opened up to show the entries beneath.

Click the expand icon or on the list name to open any of the other readings lists.

Entries which reference a web page or a work in your OPAC will show a more detail icon .  Click on the entry or icon to view the web page or work details.

Alternate entries 

Alternative entries are displayed indented beneath the ‘main’ entry and headed ‘Alternative source’ in the reading list. They indicate the existence of another edition of a text or additional research material.

Printing from Talis List

Printing is available from both the Course and List level entries. Selecting the print icon displays a print preview pane with Print and Cancel options.

Selecting Print at Reading List level will output the reading list/s in a print formatted copy and include subordinate levels of list.

Selecting print at Course level will output all readings lists
for a course, including the reading lists for any subordinate levels of course (modules).

When Talis List is linked to TalisPrism the current copy location information beneath each list entry corresponds to an in-stock title in the library catalogue. This information is derived from TalisPrism at the point of print option selection so the print-out contains the most up to date information for shelf checking purposes.

Note: Print outs include everything visible to the current user.